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  • peacocklover
    12-01 08:33 AM
    Ya, I think that could be a problem if they make it current again. Instead of messing up with influx of applications again like in July 2007, they can gradually move dates from July 2007 to Jan 2008 (six months) or July 2008 (a year) ahead in EB2 category, In that way it will not clog the system and will justify people who are sincerely waiting in the line until now and also for future movement.

    i guess it doesn't count ppl who are waiting. The no of ppl who are not able to file 485 is huge.

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  • prabasiodia
    05-25 01:49 PM
    Also ask/inquire about whistleblower protection while filing your complaint. There should be valid reasons for lay-off but filing complaint against the employer with DOL is definitely not one among them.

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  • ar
    02-04 05:35 PM
    What would you need done
    I'll help out

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  • needhelp!
    11-05 04:15 PM


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  • Sreenuuk
    08-07 09:24 AM
    August Visa Bulletin is out.

    EB2 - Jun 1 2006 (Unchanged) for India/China
    EB3 - Unavailable.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 02:41 PM
    write letters to congressman and fill form for ombudsman.

    You should get ur GC.

    I already sent letters to 3 senators and 2 representatives? should i add more senators and representatives?

    I did everything except sending letter to UK Prime minister?????????


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  • desi3933
    07-13 12:28 PM
    I did not generate. The employer did, but I paid the taxes due 925% + 12.5 % employer tax)

    So you "paid" taxes, could you please explain how it is legal?

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 09:48 AM
    I have a question regarding where to file my EAD renewal application. I am a July filer NJ resident and my I-485/EAD/AP were sent to Nebraska and got the AP/EAD approved through Nebraska going by my LIN no. As per the (C)(9) rules it says NJ residents should file to Texas service center and somewhere else I read that my EAD renewal application should be sent to the location where my I-485 is getting processed.

    Please share your experiences.


    You will need to send your application to TEXAS because you live in NJ. It does not matter 1. where you sent it last year 2. what service center approved it last year 3. if your EAD card # starts with LIN/EAC/WAC.

    Please do not get confused, stick to what the latest instruction document says:


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  • kanyewest
    04-22 10:16 AM
    Thank you for your comments.

    For the period, I was on valid H1, employed, and not paid by my employer - I have a WH4 complaint registered and an acknowledgement from DOL that they have received the complaint.

    I understand that this situation requires premium processing of H1. In case the COS is denied, which as pointed out is more likely, I understand that I will need to travel abroad to obtain a new I-94 with the new H1 approval.

    1. If the COS is denied, can I use the unexpired H1B visa in my passport at the POE to enter the country and obtain a new I-94 based on the new H1 approval notice.

    2. Is it wise and practical to make the new employer aware of my DOL complaint against previous employer during the H1 transfer process? Unless it is needed, I would prefer not disclosing that information to the new employer.

    Thank you again for your time and recommendations.

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  • neelu
    09-15 03:55 PM
    Thank you, FromNaija, again. I appreciate your taking the time to respond in detail.

    Also thanks for the nice words. They have a nice ring to them especially since I was expecting an RFE. You made my day with those words even if they dont turn true (those words are the closest I have ever come to a GC). Hope you are right. But I am not getting my hopes too high. :)

    Wish you also good luck!

    I don't think it happens automatically. You will need to ask to be accorded the earlier priority date or if interfiling you will also initiate the process by asking that USCIS substitutes the previously submitted I-140 with a new approved one. The time to do that is when the PD on the newly approved 140 becomes current.

    From your explanation, now that your old PD is current and the 140 for that is approved, you will have to ask that interfiling occur by sending a letter to USCIS with a copy of the new 140.

    If you have done this, then the message you got could be that USCIS is ready to review your file by October. A congratulation may be in order here because I believe you will soon get your GC.


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  • rbalaji5
    02-20 05:25 PM

    If you don't mind sharing can you please give info like, your priority date, which service center your application is being processed.

    Looks like they have begun processing applications filed in July 07.

    NSC - PD MAY 29 2007.
    I-140 APPLIED ON JULY 06TH 2007
    I-485 APPLIED ON JULY 27 2007.
    I-140 APPROVED ON JAN 15TH 2008

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  • dealsnet
    04-06 10:59 AM
    By theoritical no problem, if you have credits equal to US bachelors and masters degrees.
    But in practical, USCIS now denying I-140 for 3 year degree holders, even the job requires masters. Try EB3 also. (Good luck).

    My perm was approved a couple of weeks back and we are going to file the 140 pretty soon. In the mean while I had a question regarding the educational equivalency issue I see during this stage. The perm is for EB-2 which requires a Masters Degree( Foreign Degree acceptable). I've a Bachelors from UK which is 3 years and a Masters from UK which is 1 year. During the I-140 process will there be a problem coz of this. Do we have to submit the Bachelors degree information even though the requirement is for a Masters?

    Thanks for any input.


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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:18 PM
    USCIS taught me a lesson about life.

    Never go by rules. Find shortcuts.

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  • satyasaich
    06-11 04:23 PM

    There is already another thread for this AND by the way july bulletin is not out yet, may be in the next 4 or 5 days

    Does anyone out there knows when is the next visa bulletin,I mean with the date the bulletin will be released?



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  • sac-r-ten
    05-12 02:58 PM
    Does frankfurt require transit visa if some one is traveling to India if:

    A) While going to india and have H1/H4 valid until 2011, but stamping expired.

    B) while coming back to USA if I am planning on coming on Advance Parole ?

    How long does the airport visa take ? I traveled through FF in 2005, but I had valid H1 stamp. It is expired since and perhaps wont get stamped before coming back, but use AP.

    <edit> This is what I found on the site

    "Indian, Turkish, Nigerian and Ghanaian airport transit travelers who

    - are holding a valid visa or other residence permit for the USA (this includes advance paroles, but not approval notices), Canada or Switzerland and travel to the country which issued that visa or residence permit

    or- after a legal stay in the USA (this includes holders of valid approval notices), Canada or Switzerland- return to the country whose citizenship they hold"


    DontCare, why do u care, Mate? LOL.
    Jokes apart.
    You should be ok with the visa (no stamping). I had 2 friends travelling via FF with 797 notices ,got stamping in India and came back via frankfurt.
    So i guess AP should also be okay.

    hope this helps.

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  • abhaykul
    03-28 10:58 AM
    You may have submitted your papers in Jan 2007 but make sure your lawyer forwarded it in Jan 2007. Check for the date Received on the approval notice.

    For my recent H1B extention for 7th year extention, I have come across strange situation.
    My old H1B was valid till 5th Feb 2007. Extention was applied in Jan 2007 with approved I-140. Recently I have received approved H1B extention with new I-94, but it states validity is from 22 March 2007 to 5th Feb 2010.

    I thought the extention should have been from 6th Feb 2007 to 5th Feb 2010.

    what should be infered from above ? Does it mean that I was out of ststus fron 6th Feb 2007 till 21st March 2007.

    I would appereciate any input on this.
    If this makes me out of status , is there a way to fix this by contacting USCIS again ?



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  • chandupatla
    02-25 10:22 AM
    Thanks for sending the information..and one more thing is there any road test?

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  • pappu
    06-06 09:10 AM

    You can find some points here in the documents on the URL mentioned above. This thread brings a good point. There are several issues that impact society, economy, family and relationships due to delays and problems in the GC process. Nobody has a compresensive study on that. Its a real anthropological/sociology and somewhat economics subject for anyone in universities doing a research. Such student can use us in this group to study. We should also try to have a document highlighting these issues so that US media can look at this problem from a different perspective.

    some points
    - lives are on hold
    - property purchases cannot be planned
    - cannot plan future investments and plan for settling in life.
    - H1B is a temporary job and loss of job means leaving the country in 15 days. thus it impacts the lifestyle and family life. it has economic and psycological implications
    - spouse cannot even have driving license since they cannot have a social security card. social security card is given only upon getting work permit. and h4 visa means spose cannot work. lack of driving license is a huge factor in creating restlessness and anxiety and leads to several hardships for a family. Driving is a need in this country and lack of of by spouses affects the homemakers and management of the house and needs.
    - H1Bs on extensions (1 year) and people with 1 year EADs have difficulty getting driving license renewed in some states. not being able to drive to work is a big problem in itself and has economic and physical hardship implications.
    - long wait for green card weighs in heavy on immigrant families and they cannot enjoy the same freedom that citizens or permanent residents enjoy. This restriction hampers the growth and development of children.
    - children of H1B holders cannot get any relief in tuition in local colleges even if they are intelligent and qualify all exams with best scores. They cannot get any scolarships.
    - employers of h1B tend to exploit employees knowing that the employee will stay until PR application is approved. This creates depression in employees.
    - lack of promotions and raises for H1B immigrant causes disparity amongst employees and coworkers change their attitude against the employee. Such lack of respect and seeing juniors becoming seniors over a perid of time, creates emotional stress in immigrant.
    - The lengthy, vague and irratic nature of proceessing of cases by USCIS and DOL causes tensions and distress at various stages in the process.
    - Skilled EB immigrants only make up 11.5% of legal immigrants. This small number contributes the most to the us economy instead of other catagories.
    - Lot of highly educated professional want to start new businesses and ventures. Inability to do that hurts their innovative spirit and competitive edge that usa can befit from. New business will also provide more revenue and jobs for the country.
    - Due to the nature of H1B validations and extensions, every time the immigrant travels to the home country there has to be a visa interview. These visa interviews have to be planned months in advance and the trip cannot be short. It has a financial burden and emotional stress for the family. Not being able to visit the homecountry at will creates family tensions and issues. Families and relatives have to stay part and meet after long intervals of time.
    - inability to change jobs during the 8 year greencard process hurts the learning and development and career growth of the person. For a high skilled professional in the prime of his work life this is very important. Not being able to change jobs creates frustration and growth becomes stagnant.
    - the long wait for the GC forces some immigrant to migrate to other developed countries that have better immigration process or head back to home country to use their skills. Its a loss of intellectual capital for USA. For an immigrant it means uprooting life again from one place and restarting life again elsewhere. It not only has financial implications but a social, cultural and emotional burden on the family.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-30 06:16 PM
    You need to invoke IV-21 :D

    Good One...:D.. Then I will have to wait for 6 months from today...:D

    07-06 03:34 AM
    yes, u need to inform them of every small move u make, all ur life. this holds true even after ur us citizenship is approved.

    Friends, I would like to know if I change job after I-140 & I-485 approval, do I still need to notify USCIS about AC-21. Also, will it require my new employer to provide a letter of job duties to confirm that the new job is either same or similar to the old one.


    07-30 05:00 PM
    Any comment?

    Specter has new immigration package
    By Elana Schor
    July 27, 2007
    The Senate Judiciary Committee�s senior Republican said on Thursday that he is on the verge of offering a new immigration reform package, making significant changes that could win over recalcitrant members from both parties.

    Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), who accompanied President Bush Thursday on his visit to Pennsylvania, said he has spoken to Bush and the two Cabinet members who have led immigration talks about his new bill. Specter also told reporters that he has spoken to most senators involved in this spring�s failed �grand bargain,� outlining his plan and appealing for a restart to the arduous immigration debate.

    �I�m ready to unveil it now,� Specter said. �I�ve got letters to the 100 senators on my desk.�

    Specter explained the new measure would omit the controversial �Z visa� program, which would have given the nation�s 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Removing the Z visa would offer conservatives less opening to tag the bill as �amnesty.� But he would leave intact the family reunification standard that this spring�s defunct immigration bill partially replaced with a skills-based system.

    The lone change in the status of the 12 million, Specter said, would be removing their status as fugitives from justice, an attempt to diminish their incentive to remain outside the system and in fear of deportation.

    Specter added that he already has met with �stakeholders� from outside groups involved in the complex immigration debate, and he plans to hold more sit-downs next week. Offering green cards to immigrants seeking employment in the high-tech industry is under consideration, he said.